Capacity Building

Capacity Building

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We host expert-led training sessions in a variety of fields to support skills transfer and accessible knowledge for communities in their pursuit of sustainable development.

Strengthening Skills

In our development framework, a crucial aspect of ensuring sustainability involves equipping people with the skills and knowledge they need to pursue their goals. Capacity building allows us to directly support leadership from within the communities we serve.

Capacity building is inherently self-perpetuating. Communities and individuals who are trained in specific skills are then able to train others, creating a life cycle of skills and knowledge transfer that is truly transformative.

Tangible Community Impact

The results of this program are truly expansive. The value of capacity-building can be difficult to measure – many individuals go on to train others in their network, producing exponentially greater impact.

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farmers achieved organic certification for walnut and almond crops in 23 villages in Toubkal municipality, allowing them to expand their sales to international markets.


capacity building workshops took place on farm management practices, business plan development, and food security from 2021-23 through the Family Literacy program, the Office of Cooperative Development, Farmer-to-Farmer volunteers with presidents of cooperatives and students from the Legal Clinic program.


community leaders, mostly women, took part in training sessions in Boujdour on writing and submitting project proposals in alignment with the National Initiative for Human Development.

Success Stories

Learn about the benefits that our capacity building projects have produced.

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