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We focus on community-centered, holistic development programs that equip Moroccan communities to become self-sustaining — while preserving and celebrating aspects of cultural heritage across generations.

Our Programs

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Beyond Tree Planting

Our most widely-recognized projects integrate agriculture with irrigation, clean water, sanitation, and education. They result in women’s empowerment and communities with dependable food and income sources, green job opportunities for rural women and youth, and a pathway to the voluntary carbon market.

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Women's Empowerment

Through IMAGINE workshops led by highly trained facilitators, we provide a clear pathway for women to grow as leaders of their communities. We invite women to imagine the life they want to create for themselves and we support their efforts to participate, contribute, and advocate for their local community through economic and social activities.

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Clean Water

Access to water for drinking and irrigation is the most important issue for Moroccan communities, emerging as the highest priority in almost every discussion surrounding community needs.

By accessing new water sources and building water containment and delivery systems, we’re able to immediately improve infant mortality rates, increase girls’ participation in education, and expand agricultural production in areas most heavily affected by drought.

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Cultural Preservation

We believe that sustainable development is inherently linked to cultural dialogue and preservation.

We restore buildings and burial sites, facilitate community events, and preserve and digitize documents and photos of interfaith heritage. These cultural dialogue and preservation programs establish shared identities and histories and often spark community interest and collaboration on projects that directly impact the present and the future.

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Youth Programs

We teach environmental education workshops throughout Morocco and engage with students by hosting tree-planting projects at their schools and in their communities. Constructing bathrooms with running water, facilitating school repairs, and providing school supplies allows us to support equitable access to education for students across Morocco.

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Carbon Credits

Distributed to farmers, cooperatives, and schools, the trees we plant provide a pathway to the voluntary carbon market, merging ecological and social solutions in a financially viable, sustainable way. Carbon sequestration is key to restoring degraded land, adapting to climate challenges, combating desertification, and supporting stable food pathways.

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Our Integrated Approach

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Our community projects begin with an invitation from the community — every time. Designed to accomplish the goals of farmers, cooperatives, and communities, the community-designed and human-centered approach to our work is adapted from methods used successfully around the world.

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At the heart of our work is women’s empowerment. After an initial invitation, we lead a community IMAGINE workshop that encourages and equips women to expand their confidence and self-agency while identifying personal goals and priorities.

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We work with schools, universities, and individual researchers to support hands-on, experiential learning. We also conduct and publish research to increase global access to sustainable development knowledge.

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Cultural Preservation

Our cultural preservation programs use a participatory model to connect people through dialogue that encourages memory, storytelling, and relationships. We restore buildings and burial sites, and preserve and digitize documents and photos of interfaith heritage.

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Request a Community Project

The community projects we support are strategic and focused. We consider factors specific to each region and develop an action plan based on the needs of communities and the viability of the project.

If you believe that such a project exists in your area, we invite you to learn more about how to request a project for your community.

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Volunteer with Us

We rely on volunteers who believe in our mission and align with our goals. We provide opportunities throughout the year for people to contribute their unique skills to our projects.

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Support Our Work

Your donation empowers women, unites and strengthens communities, and connects generations through cultural dialogue and preservation.

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