Partnering with Moroccan Communities for Sustainable Development

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Proven Effectiveness

We work in communities with shared, self-defined needs. Our unique participatory approach to community development produces measurable results.

5 Million+Trees planted with farming families, cooperatives, and schools
700+Schools engaged through environmental education programs
3,000+Participants in rights-based empowerment workshops for women and girls

Insights From Our Work

We understand the value of sharing our learning and thoughts on sustainable community development 
for the benefit of organizations and people across the MENA region.

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Leading Local & Global Sustainability

Tree-planting provides many benefits to local ecosystems and communities. By linking Moroccan farmers to the voluntary carbon market, revenue from tree-planting projects can provide a sustainable source of revenue while sequestering carbon and contributing to climate cooling.

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Your donation empowers women, unites and strengthens communities, and connects generations through cultural dialogue and preservation.

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